Ideas from Barb Devena

Before the Class Begins

ü Check the site for necessities
ü Request the manuals two weeks before the class begins
ü Email Tracey Rager ( to order manuals
ü Call Tracey Rager for manuals 1-800-526-4630 1-800-526-4630, EXT. 2005
ü Check to make sure you have registration materials (Rockford College or the University of St. Francis)
ü Rockford College materials contact Michele Mehren (mmehren or call her at 1-877-801-7700 1-877-801-7700
ü University of St. Francis materials contact Barb Ingold ( ) or call 1-800-735-7500 1-800-735-7500
ü If the course is canceled, YOU are responsible for canceling the site.
ü Send out a welcoming letter to all participants providing basic directions to the site
ü Download your class list
ü Be sure you have the prepaid PLS envelopes.
ü Check to make sure the PLS evaluations have been sent to you
ü Make sure you have the current PLS credit card forms (see Forms section)
ü Make sure you give each participant a PLS Payment Receipt form (they must send it in).

During and After the First Class Session

ü Check that all the college registration forms are completed
ü Check for any person attending the college for the first time (make sure to tell PLS if you have a participant who is new to PLS)
ü Check that participants pay for the course (checks made out to PLS or use the new credit card form)
ü Check that you have an accurate class list with the name, address, home phone number, email address, and birth date for each person
ü Send the corrected class list, checks and credit card slips in prepaid envelop to Tracey Rager in the PLS KY Office
ü Send the registration material and a corrected class list to the college
ü Be sure to mail the materials from the first class session immediately

During and After the Last Class Session

ü Make sure the participants know when work is due to you
ü Provide the participants with your contact information
ü Check that participants know how to get a transcript request form
ü Complete the evaluations that are required
ü Mail the evaluations to the proper location
Pass out information on future PLS classes
Complete the grades and send them to the colleges as soon as possible